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Avalon Collies began in 1978 as a gift by my grandmother.  She knew it was my heart's desire to train, breed and show beautiful Collies.  Beginning with Wickmere lines, then later switching to the Starr/Countryview/Tartanside lines, the dream became reality.  It has been my vision to create a Collie of striking beauty with the temperament, health and brains to allow them to be conformation champions, obedience, agility, rally, freestyle and herding competitors yet also therapy dogs to the small, elderly, and ill, all the while being the best house and bed dogs any one could wish for.

Every puppy born at Avalon is born and raised in my home, surrounded by all the other Collies.  From the time they are old enough to escape the whelping box, they are introduced to every possible experience.  They learn manners first from their dam and later from older siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother, great grandmother, and me.  Socialization of puppies is of the utmost importance.  It is the foundation from which stable, loving, self-confident companions are created.  By the age of 7 weeks of age, the average Avalon puppy has made 4-8 social (non-veterinary) trips, had contact with dozens of people of all ages, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and has exerienced many different surroundings, learned the basics of commands such as "come", "sit", "down", "let's go", "kennel", and "stay/wait".  Each puppy has also been exposed to some future "tools of the trade", such as obedience and agility equipment, as well as different types of surface terrain. 

As a trainer and handler for more than 25 years, my Collies and dogs trained by me have been involved in many dog events: conformation ring, obedience, rally, agility, herding, canine freestyle.  In addition, I consult for puppy selection (all breeds), litter evaluations (all breeds), and behavioral training (all breeds).

Ch. Starr's Avalon Fantasy'N Blu, CD, HIC, CGC, TDI, TT, BPDX, VCX, AOM  (Ch. Starr's Risky Business (Taylor son) X Ch. Candray Brilliance (CCA WB/BOW, Taylor dau)) Caoilionn goes back 6 times to the gorgeous "Breezy", Ch. Starr's Blue Jeans.  Some of the greatest Collies of all time are behind Caoilionn's pedigree and she, in turn, is behind every Collie here at Avalon.  Anyone who has every met Caoilionn knows that she was so much more than just a show dog.  Not that Caoilionn wasn't a great show dog.  She has multiple Best of Breeds, multiple group placements, and a National Specialty Award of Merit to her credit.  Caoilionn did it all: devoted best friend, obedience, herding, therapy dog, modeling, canine freestyle, agility, mother, nanny, guard dog, ambasador to the breed - just to name a few.  She has passed her outstanding beauty, intelligence, temperament, and versatility to do it all along to the succeeding generations as well.

Lainnear, Avalon's Lavendar Ice,CD,RE,CGC,HIC,TT  (Ch. Countryview's Tonite's Th' Night (BOB '01 CCA) X Avalon's Fantastique (Caoilionn dau))  Lainnear is trained for her obedience, rally, canine freestyle, and agility titles.  She is also the dam of several up and coming stars in the breed, obedience, and rally ring .  Watch for Lainnear herself in the ring, she will take your breath away.

Seolait, Avalon's All The Stars'N Heaven,CD, RAE, HIC, CGCU, TDI  (Avalon's Brilliant Disguise, CD,RA,CGC X Avalon Blu Ridge Black Ice,RNCGC).  She is a double great, great grand daughter of Caoilionn's.  At just 2 years old, she holds the future of Caoilionn's line in her snowy little paws.  Her show, obedience, rally and freestyle career is currently on hold so that she can have some beautiful puppies, but she will return soon to the ring.

Driothlunn, Twin City Infinite Grace (Am/Can Ch. Taliesin Alfenloch Antarctic, AOM X Ch. Twin City Abiding Grace)  was purchased as a youngster from Carl Williford of Twin City Collies to introduce a new side to the Avalon Collie clan.  She is just starting her show career, but watch for her - she will amaze you with her beauty and sweet, fun-loving attitude.  So many plans await for her: show ring, the whelping box and the performance ring.......

Braolaid, Avalon Blu Ridge Black Ice,RN,CGC (by Ch. Blu Ridge Not Tonight X Lainnear), enjoying a day at the beach.   After taking time off to have puppies (see Seolait) she is back in training for obedience, rally, agility and freestyle (and any sport that involves chasing gulls at the beach).   

 Jazz, Avalon's Brilliant Disguise,CD, RA, CGC, TDI (Ch. Tartanside Taejon x Avalon's Southern Cross, CGC,TT,TDI).  This beautiful youngster awaits his new coat, then watch out.  Soft, sweet expression; smooth, ground-covering movement, and a profile to leave you breathless. 


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